Vladimir Mokry

Concept Artist currently studying Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program in Montréal, Canada. Also Multidisciplinary Designer.

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Finding a Place in Montréal · Vlog · Mar 2019

First Months at Syn Studio Art School · Vlog · Dec 2018

How to Become a Concept Artist · Vlog · Dec 2018

New Beginnings · Article · Sep 2018


@366letter Installation at Deloitte Prague · Interview (Czech) · Aug 2018

@366letter Solo Exhibition at Kavárna co hledá jméno · Photos · Jul 2018


Pecha Kucha Night Tokyo 153 · Talk · Dec 2017

Pecha Kucha Night Ostrava 25 · Talk · Dec 2016

Náhodná cesta do prosluněného pole v Srbsku · Talk (Czech) · Oct 2016

San Francisco – Představy a realita · Talk (Czech) · Mar 2016


New Back to School in 32: Interview with Vladimír Mokrý · Interview · Apr 2019

Entrepreneurship Exchange Program: Let's Talk About Design · Talk · Jul 2017

Snídaně s Novou – Use-it Map Prague · TV Interview (Czech) · Interview · Jul 2017

Techstars Community Voices: Interview with multidisciplinary designer · Interview · Jan 2017

Lidové Noviny: Mobil vyhledá partnera k poklábosení · Article (Czech) · May 2016

UX Designer Fights For His Users · Interview · Mar 2015

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