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New Beginnings

Published on September 12, 2018

Last year in Tokyo I realized what I want to do with my life.* And that is drawing concepts, illustrations, fantasy and sci-fi worlds. And be paid for it. :)

So nine months ago I have started drawing digitally again and applied to Syn Studio in Montreal, one of the elite Concept Art schools in the world. To my surprise, they have selected me as one of the twenty students. Hence in nine days, I am leaving for Canada for one and a half year study, where I will be learning from the best.

It won’t be easy. Expectations are to draw 60 hours per week. I will draw like crazy. And I am taking a considerable loan for that.

But damn, I have to do that. Every time I open Procreate or take a pencil I feel so happy that I have to try to get there. To work in the game or movie industry and bring ideas to life.

I am leaving here our design & prototyping studio, Status Quack. Luckily in a good shape. This summer we have delivered some awesome design solutions for home automatizations, car enthusiasts, and children that are challenged by borders and feelings of their parents. 

Also, I am leaving Geewa, a game company that gave me the opportunity to taste what concept art is. These guys are awesome and I am confident to say that their next game will have a similar success. 

Last but not least, I also have to say many thanks to every family member and friend that supported me with a loan or a piece of advice. Thank you.

Do you want to support me? You still can! If you want any of my illustrations from hanging on your wall, write me and I will prepare a canvas print for you. And if you want to draw something else, yes, I accept commisions.

Everyone else, follow my journey on Instagram @vmokry.

*I might be wrong.