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New Beginnings, Act IV.

Published on June 14, 2022

After exploring dozens of concepts on internal projects and on a beautiful sample game Gigaya at Unity Technologies, I was ready for a new challenge.

So recently, I have joined Respawn Entertainment as a senior concept artist here in Vancouver, with the task to deliver more environment content for live-service battle-royale shooter Apex Legends.

I am positively surprised by the qualities of the people I work with. My colleagues, leads and directors – all of them have the right amount of domain skills, industry experience and knowledge to share.

I gradually absorb characteristic Apex visual language and equip our props and buildings with proper bevels, beams, trims and bolts. One day I learnt to count with polygon budget on my concepts, the other day, I found to respect cover areas and shapes of windows for gunfight mechanics.

Add the efficiency of our twice-per-week standups, no-meeting days when we can focus only on our tasks, or feedback sessions where everyone can spot and speak out about mistakes. You get the picture.

Respawn seems like a great place to work.

Besides my day job, Ondrej and I are still working on our pet project Thamira: The Sorceress. I will post more in-depth articles about the prototype and challenges we face in game design, user experience and world-building in the future.

As Thamira is set in a fantasy desert universe – basically the opposite of my day job – and my current task on it is to draw creatures and characters, I find this nicely balanced.