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New Beginnings, Act III.

Published on Nov 19, 2021

So it happened. I became a concept artist. For almost a year and a half, I have worked on beloved sci-fi and fantasy AAA franchises and indie games from Quebec city. Some through employment at a well-known concept art studio, some as a freelancer.

With its location and urban plan, this was the closest to Europe I have been in Canada. Unfortunately, the combination of the pandemic, cultural differences and my lack of will (or time?) to learn French started taking a high toll on my mental health. So to mitigate this, I moved to Vancouver to recharge my batteries, meet new people and get a fresh perspective.

There was just one problem – Vancouver is a demanding city. Working side jobs on evenings and weekends began to be exhausting. I realized that I have to focus on solving work-life balance. So I started looking for a job in British Columbia.

I talked to people from VR startups, animation and VFX studios, art schools and universities, indie game devs or AAA companies about various roles, from concept artists, teachers to art leads. Many companies hold numerous rounds of interviews, mitigating the limitation of Zoom-only meetups. That did not discourage me.

Eventually, I got a few offers. One that surprised me positively was an offer from Unity Technologies. Unity creates tools that make game developers' lives easier. I have already been helping to produce a few games built on the Unity engine in my free time. And my colleagues love it. So for me, the next logical step was to satisfy my curiosity.

I am grateful to announce that I joined Unity Technologies as a Senior Concept Artist.